About Us

In tight urban areas in Europe, not everyone has a backyard. For those city dwellers with a green thumb, the next option is a Kleingarten or a small plot of land that is rented in a park area for gardening.

Every Kleingarten is unique and is typically filled with fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, flowers and statuary. The gardens are a place of peace and tranquility amongst the chaos of city life.

Every property has it’s own architecture, terrain and character. These features create a series of unique spaces each with it’s own microclimate with varying amounts of sunlight, shade, shadows, water and sound. While designing your landscape, we will create a series of individual outdoor rooms or little gardens tailor fit to each microclimate and to meet your outdoor living needs.

With over 20 years of landscape design and construction experience, Kliengarten Landscape Design can help you maximize the potential of your unique property and bring your vision to life! 

No project is to big or to small. We can do anything from full estate masterplans to a quick sketch while standing in your backyard.